Goodness starts young in LG Ever since the world woke up to the global humanitarian crisis of COVID-19, LG India has taken unprecedented measures to support India’s fight against the pandemic. We are working proactively to extend support to the government by offering aid to many quarantine facilities and sponsoring meals. To further strengthen our resolve, even the youngest members of the LG family (kids of employees) have stepped up to do their bit to honour the ‘Real Heroes’ of the society. We feel happy to present to you the notes of thanks written by the children aged 4-16 in their own unique ways. Their heartfelt tributes are dedicated to the frontline workers and individuals who are going the extra mile during these extremely challenging times. Putting the worry of lockdown behind them, these young minds have shown compassion for others and an extraordinary commitment to the cause. LG salutes this young brigade that inspires us all to stay positive and united in the battle against COVID-19. Together, we can move past this. With Best Wishes for a bright future LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd